Pls stop hackers who make hacking video

so many hacker making video for free hacking but DON’T DOWNLOAD it.have you guys see the glitch world yus and earthh made? was MADE by the same hacker after i comment in his video to stop hacking then he keep hacking again and again I HATE him plz jake ban him :frowning:

Based on what i understood, Jake and the devs do not own or have rights to youtube, so they can’t really delete the videos nor ban them in YT.
It’s highly possibly they do ban hackers that make videos in YT but they could just make new alts or accs, so it’s kinda temporary.

jake isnt a youtube developer, just try reporting the youtube video.
and try to comment ‘’ Dont download this website, this is a malware that will expose off your personal details.’’

only kids gets brainwashed by it.

ok thx i will comment

someone who has the TODO item in ‘trade’ world says he got it at rift world. (not in the chest)

Promoting malware is still not allowed on youtube. It could get taken down especially if Jake himself reports it (reports from popular youtubers filled faster.)