Pocket watches

So I was grinding mines in PW and managed to upgrade my pick all the way to heavy… apparently master pick requires 2 pocket watches.

One watch goes for about 15 WLs, and I need 2.

So how do I get them fast? Paying more for 2 pocket watches than for the entire heavy pickaxe seems a bit too “over the top” for me.

there isn’t really any other way to get them, just keep mining or earn profit in other way and buy them :man_shrugging:

30 WLs will take like 5 days to grind though… Along with the 30k gems

depends how much time you are willing to mine per day

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They aren’t too rare from level 5 mines, I’d say you could probably get 2 of them within 10 to 20 mines. You cannot get them from level 4 mines or lower, though.

Im not really good at profiting but i guess you can try my strategy.
In my case i would spend a lot of byte coins on level 2 keys, when i play all of them and i sell the level 3 keys for bytes i would buy a pocketwatch and then just repeat the whole process or if you have enough bytes just buy 2 at the same time
That’s what i did to upgrade my epic pickaxe

well you can just grind other mines too, then sell the heavy pick and buy a master

But grinding nuggets for 1 platinum key honestly takes ages… Now to do that 20 times…

uhh… Do 10 level 3 mines

consider grinding other mines and then selling the heavy pickaxe and buying a master pickaxe

grind mine 1, get 20 bronze keys, (2000 bronze nuggets) use 2 keys per mine 2 to get 1 silver key, use all 20 to get 10 silver keys, and sell the silver keys for 435. After that, you should have 4350 bytes, and with the gems you collected sell em so you can buy wls, and then use the (usually) 4 wls at the BC Exchange and then you should have 5k for one watch. This would take one day, so it should only take 2 days. Can be faster if you grind all day.

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Consider grinding other mines, then sell the heavy pick, and buy a master pick