[POLL] What is your main reason for still playing Pixel Worlds?

This is more targeted towards the players who have been playing for a long time already, but still decide to stick with the game despite the state it is in.

  • Gameplay (Grind, Profiting, Collecting, etc.)
  • Community (Friends, Social Interactions, etc.)
  • Other (comment)

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I personally still stick with this mess of a game, that I love for some reason, because of my friends. I’ve pretty much done everything I’ve ever wanted to do with the game so now all that’s left for me is to just hang out and have fun with my friends.


Mostly interactions with other people, but even those are becoming less frequent.


Honestlii for me it’s chatting with friends, they mean so much to me just vibing, chatting, doing nether, and even jetrace with friends is so much better now, just because of the social aspect of the game…

At this point, it’s almost like a form of social media to connect with some of my friends, i’ve met great people through pixel worlds, and i’ve also met some god awful people, but yea, the social aspect 100%