Portal problems! 😭

Hi! I need help, I don’t know why my portals do not work I do like you should. I place it on one on my worlds, then I tell all what world I want to come to from it EX. World 1 then I place one on that world I wanted to come to in this EX. its world 1, then when I get to that world I started to place that portal, I come to it, but it just freeze then it come back to loading in to the world again and I come to the regular door! Not from the portal! What is the problem?

It is not a bug. Check out youtube and search it. There might be wrong with the word you’ve added.

Changing subforum to #site-feedback:game-suggestions to #site-feedback.
I spoke too soon :eye:

Okey so not a bug and what should I search on on YouTube?

U mean search portal problems On YouTube?

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Yes sir. Probably there’s something wrong with the door id.

Ex. :Yes to :yes not :yes to :yen

Try checking off typos.

Okey thx for the help :blush: hope I can find something on YouTube! :blush:

Did you wire the portals with wiring?

You could also post pictures of the portal details and we could figure out the issue. But maybe you’ll figure it out yourself.

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No! Why’s that!? :thinking: :scream:

No! Why’s that? :thinking: :scream:

There’s a bug, where the game will kick you out when the portals get wired.

Example of what they should look like:
Portal 1:

Portal 2:


I have like portal 1:
name: world 2.
Target world: world 2.
This: world 1 target: world 2

Portal 2:
Name: World 1.
Target world: world 1.
This: world 2 target: world 1

like this I have on them! So what’s is the problem then!:thinking:

So u think that is the problem then?

And by the why I don’t have spaces at all! :sweat_smile:

Sorry to tell you this so late😔

Try to send screenshot like Jackbyrne did so we can help to solve it

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Maybe I have that! :scream: :thinking::thinking::thinking:Even if I don’t know about that! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:Hmmmmm?

Sorry I can’t do that! because I don’t have Pic of it :sob: but I’m going to try and don’t have spaces at all this time! And see if it works this time! But thx for helping me to say what you thought the problems was! :blush:

And where can I get portals seeds or just portals? Where is the easiest way?