Possible bug

Hello, i have downloaded pixel worlds 2000 days ago and plaued for a few weeks then i quit the game for quite a long time until now. When i logged in to my account i suddently saw that few of my worlds are missing. Is this a bug or after some time worlds get unlocked?
Also when i used some ktem in a world it shows that i have few worlds locked by me but when i go there they are owned by someone else, and im pretty sure that i used to own them

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Pretty sure you didn’t logged in for months/years soo your locks decayed and someone took them.

You can find more information on this issue here.

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  1. After a year of inactivity, your lock DECAYED and any players have access to it and break the lock
  2. they can put their own lock in the world

The world lock decayed due to being innactive for more than a year. This mechanic exists because if some people get banned for more than a year or quit permanently their worlds are gonna get locked forever also and nobody that wants to use them can have them.