Potions when mining

hello guys
do you use potions when your doing mining
is it possible to be good and not use potions at all at lvl 3 i think i can handle without potion
but on lvl 4 or 5 it would be hard
btw i fast run so i would earn more wls i finish 1 key for 6min
thats why my hp drain so fast

If you seem to get hit a lot, maybe try getting armor. It would reduce the damage by a significant amount.

i think i have enough for like basic armor i dont have like 10pl to spend that much on armor like night chick hair trident teeth etc
my armor is 31 as well
just wanted to know if you guys use potions when mining

Always bring potions just in case even if you rarely use them

I’ve been able to go through all the levels without a single potion, because I’m not a high enough player level to even use potions.

Really not even level 25? also if you don’t use armour that’s pro not using potions

your doing lvl 5 and you never die with no potions ?
just how good are yo xD

It depends how much armour he wears with a 60 armour set it isn’t that hard not to die

Maybe about 5 or so defense.
I do a lot of dodging. I also must have been pretty lucky during my level 5 trip, as I’ve only been there once.

oh i see but what lvl is the most frequent do you play

i have 28 since im still not lvl 35 im trying to get there for the 10armor +

If i mine (Very rarely) i use Flask of range and healing potion if i need them

I never use any potions, cus it’s waste.

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I barely use Healing Potions, almost never, since I don’t take too much damage.
Just practice avoiding the monsters’ shots and attacks.

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Lvl 1
sometimes 2

(yes 20 characters shut up discourse!)

how is it a waste tho a if you have like small bit hp left at start of mine you might as well use a healing potion unless your talking about lvl 1 and 2 mines

Because i don’t die.

  • It’s just my opinion that’s it’s a huge waste.

Well that’s quite pro if you don’t die lol

what lvl are you in the mines

its easy if your not doing it as fast as you can
like your not speedrunning because i finish lvl 3 mines every 5min with
47-50gold and 18-20 sapphires