POV : JetRace

(Sound warning)
Whatever happened was from the game lmao it was creeppyyyyyy
The bug (wait til it happens)

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That’s why i don’t play with sounds :slightly_smiling_face:

Plot twist: it’s just your speakers glitching out.

My ears are dead. Thanks Antonis

why did the starting light noise repeat? was there a ghost following you?>!>!>>!>>!!>>!?!?!?!?

Lmao? That makes no sense , my speakers are physical , while I was recording the sound coming from the game , even if my speakers didn’t work that would have nothing to do with the recording!

RetNos meant it as a joke.

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Maybe your recording setting to capture the audio is bad or you played with your recording software and did something like this

and after delayed the audio with a editing software or something…

Weird is that with almost 5k hours of play time, i never experienced this kind of bug…

Mind explain how this happened, what you were doing before this happen and if you found a way to replicate it, detail it here.

As @BernardSeller said, i meant that as a joke but this can be in reality your recording that is glitching out and don’t capture the audio correctly.