PRANKING Jake ON STREAM! He RAGEQUITS?! | Pixel Worlds Clips

Players prank Jake on stream! See how he reacts and watch other bonus clips from past streams! Clips from old Twitch and YouTube streams.


I thought this was going to be some clickbait or something with a thumbnail like that
But no, this is actually pretty funny.
I’d totally watch more of these


This included some pretty unexpected clips…


10 minute long bruh, do you already have advertisements enabled? Idk make multiple instead of long vides idk.

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10 minutes is actually quite average tbh

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gIve mE tUna
Literally uses Green Jerk (Best for : Sea Angler)

and yes, I am aware its secondary best is tuna, but like… Why not use a Red Jerk instead?

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Clickbait? Not in this channel! :wink: Please subscribe and share. It helps and motivates me to make more!

It sure did!

I have a lot of random stream clips so I threw it all in there. I couldn’t think of a way to group them for another video.

I think fishing was fairly new at the time. Even the world looked so messed up!

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Damn I thought gems on spikebombs was hidden even tho I have mine just open

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Always remember that moment when Jake did a livestream with WickEr10.

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I was there~!
20 characters

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I think gems are always on the foreground of any block, prop, and background.

Felt just like yesterday!

Awesome! Which stream?

The sounds it make when you die from spikebombs that has gems on it as you can tell from the sound