Predict how the shutdown message will look

Will they go simple and just put something like

Thank you for playing PW. The servers have shut down on [DATE]. (Error code: GLOBAL-S29-39482-b)

…or will it be something creative like with Miiverse with the huge collage made from posts?
Or will it be a huge paragraph like:

Pixel Worlds has shutdown.
From 2017 when PW began, we’ve had an amazing journey - and amazing livestreams! We’ve hosted many events, and the community was great - however, we ran out of money … … … etc…

Asking since that moment is getting more and more closer.

the game isn’t shutting down anytime soon. just because the old developers left does not mean its the end. it is just a new chapter in the games life. also jake said if nothing happens, the game will stay up for another few years.