Pretty Much Falsely Banned

Is there any possibility I am unbanned my username is Appease. So basically I joined a gm and saw that there was no lock placed so I placed one. Fast forward to about a few minutes later a few more people join and I unlock the world for a soil battle. I am then banned for “breaking the game rules” and then it hits me I check the name of the world and it seems it’s a world to racially insult an admin when you look more closely at it. I unknowingly took this world and wouldn’t have placed a lock if I had seen the name. So… is there any possibility for an unban I really don’t want to miss out on Halloween or get kicked from my clan as a result of this.

You can email support ( if you think you got falsely banned. Don’t forget to add details like the time when it happened etc.

When do they generally respond it’s been quite a while.

That’s part o’ the game, buddy.
There may be over 5 people DAILY with these types of cases. And considering that to unban somebody, a developers needs to do some skidmadog and unban them each one-by-one. So you have to wait for a decent while before you get unbanned.

Until then, why not hang around in the forums? ;>

around 3 months
is your ban permanent ?

It is a 30 day ban…………

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I don’t think you can get 30 days ban for the thing you said above, You must’ve did something…
But yea email support about it

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Well I did and I have contacted support

Dude, just please go ahead and confess what you’ve done. We can’t just write calculus on a chalk board.

I have had instances like this occur to me before and it seems no one believes me that peice of text I wrote at the beginning was written with honest truth.

Im not receiving any response from support I don’t think I ever have during most of my problems is there any faster way to absolve the problem?