Price changers

I was looking for some cheap items to resell. I saw guy selling Pride hat, checked PWE 10K. I bought 8.200. Was so happy until… Price drops massively.
I’m not rich. I can’t afford this.
I’m not wanting help, or anything like that (if u want ofc u can go to world Gilz276 and donate, so sorry for the begging)
I just want to alert because it is hard to find if it is a scam or not, unless u are experienced trader.
Devs should make something that can prevent this scam, like you could see more sells.
Anyways I wish u happy day, and stay away from scammers

(sorry for bad english also, it isn’t my 1. language)


Sorry for what had happened. I suggest you use this way of profiting when you are more experienced with item prices (knowing the prices of certain items and being able to detect items that have sus prices like the pride hat price which was manipulated).

The daily bonus item prices are VERY unstable when they’re released. Also the pride hat made the trolls to got out of their holes, trash some hats, troll and complain how this sucks and pw is “gay” how they’re going to quit etc. That’s the reason why the hat was 10k bc ( now dropped to 1.5k bc -1.9k bc)

I guess you shouldn’t base prices off of the item trade value. For lots of items the price is manipulated or has a strange variety in sale prices. Thread is in the wrong category btw. This isn’t a bug. Also if you’re new to the game, I suggest don’t buy items for resale if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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I fixed the category, made a little oopsie here :slight_smile:

How could I miss this? I could have sold mine!

But yeah, there are things like hoards and stupid people who trash stuff because “g a e”, not realizing they are making the item they hate so much, rise.

Though I think it was the former, because the price dropped eventually.

Don’t worry you missed it.
Ofc when I saw it I ran to PWE and tried to sell it as fast as possible, however nobody bought it.
And after some minutes, it went back to just 2K.
So all you missed is just paying tax.


Its cuz of hoarders selling for the plummet. Sell it now before it gets lower

Well you should suspect the price, no items can rise 4 times in just a day

I guess you’re not quite experienced in playing this game yet. A good rule of thumb is new items will come at high price. After that, there’s a tendency to dip down. As for how far it goes down, it depends on various aspects. Finally, there’s one last way for an item to potentially goes up in value, and the only way it can happen if it’s limited item.

Yeah the prices of items seems to change quite often. The best way of preventing this is checking for what prices the items sell in trade worlds imo.

any good price worlds?

buypet has familliar prices.

I could have actually made the same mistake as you, I use trade value most of the time, and if I have never seen the price of a pride hat before, and looked at the trade average saying it’s 10k, I would have believed that.

If I have seen the price before and observed it going up tho, I would consider it s u s

There aren’t any reliable price worlds currently from what I know

And price worlds don’t really work in my oppinion because the prices of atleast limited items are changing often, and the owners of “reliable” price worlds can easily manipulate the prices

Those hats and all limited/vip items can drop or in any chances, rise. The prices of the items I’ve mentioned are very UNSTABLE and you may not know, the vip item your grinding for years is going to drop tremendously.

Also it’s not a SCAM, it’s how the ECONOMY works.

The economy is just unstable specially when it comes to vip items and limited items. So becareful before buying.

Sus 1.)You should always be careful.
Sus 2.)I didn’t buy it because i did my homework and found out it was hoarded/deleted
Sus 3.)Tbh idk why some people would think an standard dailybonus item, after one month, would rise so much(Dont mention really old items, they are expensive because they are pretty cool looking and old)

Before you buy always know:
1.)Pwe past sales value, always good to know.
2.)Find out details (is it hoarded? ETC)
Note: Hoarded items are good to buy AS LONG AS IT HASN’T BEEN HOARDED FOR VERY LONG
3.) Ask for less