Price Check

Anyone know the prices of these items?

Quicksand Seed
Golden Ice Cream Cone Statue
Golden Toilet
Dark Bunny BP (FULL)
Steam Hat

VIP Hairs:
Ucut Long Blonde Hair
Blonde Zef
Blue Jpop
Purple Jpop
Puffy Red
Black Afro
Terracotta Afro
Green Jpop
Red Jpop
Red Emo
Beaded Black
Brown Afro
Red Archie
Purple Striped Black
Puffy Blue
Brown Band
Spiky Punk Blue
Ucut Brown Long
Ucut Wavy Brown
Black Sidecut

There’s a lot but I’d rly appreciate it if you lmk the prices if you know :slight_smile: thanks!

last i saw someone was selling quicksand seed for 5 pl

a couple months ago i saw someone else selling it in the PWE for like around 30k bc

I saw a head sword seller in trade an hours ago he sells 80

since when lifebuoy existed lol, i mean i dont have this. ill just leave.

ooh thanks man! appreciate it

Quicksand = (1WL)
Quicksand Seed = (?)
Golden Popsicle = (1WL)
Lifebuoy = (3/1WL)
Golden Toilet (40WL)
Dark Bunny BP = (65WL)
Head Sword = (40WL)
Steam Hat = (8WL)


Ucut Long Blonde Hair = (30WL+)
Blonde Zef = (210WL)
Blue Jpop Hair = (45WL)
Purple Jpop Hair = (55WL)
Puffy Red = (85WL)
Black Afro Hair = (130WL)
Terracota Afro Hair = (20WL)
Green Jpop Hair = (10WL)
Red Jpop Hair = (15WL)
Red Emo Hair = (35WL)
Beaded Black Hair = (25WL)
Brown Afro Hair = (15WL)
Archy Red = (50WL)
Purple Striped Black Hair = (20WL)
Puffy Blue = (30WL)
Brown Band Hair = (14WL)
Spiky Punk Blue = (5WL)
Ucut Long Brown Hair = (18WL)
Ucut Wavy Brown = (40WL)
Black Sidecuit Hair = (55WL)

Do you sell golden toilet?

i have a few, what’s ur offer

35wls for one but i dont have wls now

ah sry nty i not selling for cheap/normal price g toilets htf