Private Forum-wide Chat 0-0

What would you guys think of me making a private forum chat to keep the trouble keepers out, not have to worry about necroposting, and being able to talk about whatever?? Also, if you want to join type your name down below.

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How would you create a private forum?
As far as I know normal members can’t create subforums :face_with_spiral_eyes:

No no, like a PM or a Private Group Chat, but here on the forums.

Ohh ok, I didn’t actually know that was possible here

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Chat for epic gamers



Sure, sounds like fun.

Why not? Why not…

Maybe :thinking:

Aren’t the forums technically forum-wide chat for forumers?

Maybe make a discord server then?

A group chat on here wouldn’t be much different from a discord chat.

And we could also have a VC.

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Ok discord server it is then!

Server is almost up, but I am taking a break because I am bored. Should be done by the end of the day.

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