Prize box question

At first, the description made me think it would limit it to 1 prize per player, but players can just hop out and back in to get multiple prizes. Are there any workarounds to limit it to 1 per player?

No, there isn’t. That’s why I neglected it because there will always be that kid whose desperate enough to drain the entire thing.


yeah, it feels like it defeats the entire purpose of a prize box.

It was an error they made when making it

There is no way it should do that unless the owner has an option to allow

I think they are a useless waste of time

There are work arounds by placing it in a room with a timer on the door … but it’s cumbersome and can spoil the whole area / game for others…

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Maybe placing them to the end of a parkour world would help since they would need to complete the whole thing over again just to get that item. But other than using it in a parkour world or placing them in a place where people would hardly reach it, I don’t think there is a workaround.

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