Pro Archer


Sweat could use a bit more detail but the animations are great nonetheless! :smiley:

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The arrows represent scams, the pixelian represents me, and the apple represents me not getting scammed.

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Thanks! But…how?

first animation was really good!

on the second animation the sweat was just one colored but still pretty good!

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Something is going to pop, but not that apple.

Thanks! I pretty much rushed the whole animation 'cause I was starting to have back pains sitting for too long. I also didn’t think anyone would care about it being one colored 'cause it’s fast. :sweat_smile:

What is?

You could probably:

  1. Reduce the amount of sweat drops, and make them larger (like the shape of a real drop :droplet:)
  2. Add a bit more shading if you wish to keep the sweat drops
  3. Make the pixelian glossy and reduce the sweat drops
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