Problem of EkipAli. Tournament+General

Hello, Im going to start with thing from yesterday and this tournament and later what tons of people think but don’t say out loud.
This person uses not 1, but 4 alts to boost to the top. It’s not a top notch player, I have a win streak with him on cards, but if he cant pick himself again with 1 account, he has 4 :wink:
DTerMine was good, me and my friend couldnt beat him, he deserved number 1. And then my friend shows me what EkipAli did so DTerMine doesnt pass him, it’s spam alts and waste Dter’s time, discard etc, go afk on alts when playing with him on this last tournament hour. Its not just greedy, it’s illegal :slight_smile: Better players should have chance to win, but Ali didnt want that. My solution? Level req is useless because Ali is just gonna exp all accounts, better for even 1 admin, to check at the end of tournament each month, if anybody in top 10 or top 20 uses alts in this tournament. If yes? Remove them from tournament and alts. 10 mins of work one time a month. I like tournament, but this kind of people ruin it, because they want fame even tho its not their place and they dont deserve it.

This person is very suspicious, close ties with Totul, 2 Dracula capes magically appear after Mishiro was banned (Mishiro had 2 capes, and got banned after selling for real money). But rest of his items, “huge investment”, I dont think anyone believes it. Yeh that’s other part, because some people really think he’s legit

People can use hacks to recover items from banned accounts btw

Oh jeez, that’s even worse… Like seriously, hackers have so much freedom in this game

Like theyre seriously gods. Just wait a year, and theyre gonna be able to bypass bans, change names, go invisible or things like that. Because they can use some admin tools now

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I used 1 alt account.

Yes I did it for once only in the last hour of the month, because I had to use a strategy to get 1st place.

I went afk for only once as I said… It is not illegal to waste someones time, as I said I had to do it for the 1st place. +using alt isn’t illegal.

I never asked for fame, never made giveaways for subs+followers. Winning the tournament won’t bring any fame as well.

Since when being friend with someone is wrong?

If you had checked my instagram you would know that I had 2 draculas even before Mishiro was banned. (Got 3rd from StevenC)

That’s still bad, some people who actually play try their best and yet you come in and stop them.

This isn’t a strategy, it’s more of a way to cheat the strategize.

That may not be illegal, but using someone, or in your case, alts, is illegal.

The tournament does bring fame, or atleast a tiny bit of fame. People who ply cards know who you are, and I don’t even play cards yet I know who you are.

I’m not to sure but Totul did something bad, I’ll need to research that just to be 100% sure.

Still kinda sus ngl.

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as much as i dislike ekipali for doing this, card tournament thing.

I believe what he earned in-game was thru hard work and effort, and i respect that. But about the tournament some of us are unhappy

I didn’t stop them, I only stopped dtermine for once on the last battle hour.

Using alt is allowed, do you think you can’t have more than 1 account?

I mean, 4 months ago nobody hears of him, on trade/buy I never saw him until like 2 months ago, suddenly pops up and becomes richest player in game, 3 Draculas, items worth 2 more Draculas in inv. And I looked on insta, yeah. Besties with 2 illegal traders, Totul and Migo.

And why I say this? Because I wanna see the richest person in game to be a grinder, hardcore no life miner or something, not only shady people

But yeah, it wasnt “afking”, you were stalling Dter and if you had just 1 acc then he wouldnt for most of hour wait because 3-4 people were doing same things like ur alt.

And why I say this? Because I wanna see the richest person in game to be a grinder, hardcore no life miner or something, not only shady people

Same as i feel dude but i just realized why i play pw… to satisfy my creativity
BTW would you like to see pewdiepie working as garbage collector?

I reached max level few days after creating my account EkipAli (which is not my first account.) When the mining update came out, I made 2nd Epic Pickaxe in game, and I was grinding 10hours/day, I made over 200pl in 1 month, combined with my old items and bought my first Dracula Cape. I still had some platinum locks left, so I kept profiting/hoarding items with my close friend ArdaDagli, on halloween I wanted to take a break so we bought as many BT legendaries as possible, and we quit for few months, when we came back all our items were rised, especially 20 Dark Sprite Mask we had, he decided not to play Pixel Worlds and he left the items with me when he quit.

Means that you are not an active player, I was spending all my time last year on trading worlds, but nowadays I feel tired to trade items all the time, so I’m not active as much.

Since I sold my DSM hoard, people know about my wealth, I got something between 2800-3000 platinum locks just from them. Also had some other 2019 blacktower legendaries.

Well its not my fault if others did it as well, only alt I use is Krm.

Dam this guy has explanation for everything :neutral_face:

Actually, Using alts to an advantage is illegal. I do have a alt, I just don’t use it as an advantage.

Not only Dtermine but everyone who was trying their best. This is selfish of you.

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He didn’t do any hard work. All he did was give his alt some useless cards, get into the same match as an alt, and then let himself win. That isn’t hard work.

Even if I didn’t use it for my advantage I 100% had 2nd and 3rd place trophies, instead I got 1st place trophy and lost 3rd place trophy on my alt.

That’s not a excuse, people who work hard (unlike you) want the 1st place trophy too.

He is talking about the items I have not the card stuff plus I did hard work on card battle as well, I reached 3200 trophies by myself legit way and 2nd player had 1400 trophies only.

I highly doubt that you earned those items legitimately, considering you have to cheat just to get 1st.

I stayed in 1st place for 2weeks in the 1st month, and this month I was in 1st place EVERYDAY! There is nothing to misunderstand. I start using alt this month on last 3 battle days since I was already emerald and nobody was near me… I was going to win either way even if I didn’t use an alt

Actually, pretty sure it’s not. Jake made a post about this matter on Instagram and used the following words:
“Buying/selling wins or intentionally losing to a specific person in the card tournament is illegal!”
Notice: intentionally losing to a specific person. In this case you’d be strategically playing your battles in favor of your other account, not the account you’re playing the battles on. So technically it’d fall under that rule.
However, I don’t know if the rule is that strict or if anyone’s even moderating it in such detail. :woman_shrugging: