The time is finally upon us. After centuries of plotting, my greatest masterpiece has finally come to fruition! PROS is the ultimate collection world representing a culminated bulk of The_Governor’s wealth. A weapons collection that contains 202 out of 206 weapons in the game. One of the largest Rift Fragment collections in the game, a massive set collection, a Rare Hair Pack collection, and 114 hoarded Hot Dog Suits. All of this Pro Proness can be overwhelming, so to calm yourself down and cool off, take a dip in something I’ve always wanted, my own Aquarium, complete with one of every fish (and every size) in the game. This world was made using only the “proest” materials, and it is my single greatest hard-working achievement in Pixel Worlds. It is going to be hard to find a Collection World on this level.

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wow world so big love it <3

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What’s the deal with that hotdog on the bottom right?

Impostor? sus

It’s well-made! Who knows? This might win one day.

I guess collection world wont win WOTW, but who knows…

They actually have, not nearly as often as other types of worlds, but I think mines good enough to stand a chance :slight_smile:

bad collection nice design

Good collection and nice design.

I dont think this will be WOTW , since it doesn’t have any relevance with winter theme.


Yea that’s what I thought, but I might continue adding to it and submit again later