Protected worlds and Locked Accounts

So, I’ve thought about an idea for a world setting, which makes the world “safe” for others to play in.
You would wrench a WL and there would be a setting for “Protected Mode”.

Here’s what Protected Mode changes. When you’re in a world with Protected Mode on:

  • Only people in your friend list can see your messages in public (not clan) chat.
  • No global messages or radio messages will appear.
  • You cannot drop items.
  • Trading is disabled.
  • Locked users cannot enter the world.

Locking is an action done by a Moderator or Admin. If a person has shown that they “can’t behave” by scamming or breaking the game rules, a mod+ can also lock their account in addition to a ban, depending on the severity. Having a locked account will prevent the user from entering any Protected World. Locks are 30 days and then permanent.

Basically, protecting would be used in worlds such as parkour worlds or game worlds to create a scam-free enviroment. That way, known scammers would be filtered out, and the lack of dropping/trading/chat features will prevent most types of scams from being performed. With the lack of global/radio messages, you won’t see messages like “trading pw wls for gt wls ngf” in chat.

this kinda not good
you cannot trade rip game

Some of these features, that are locked off make pixel worlds what it is. if we can’t talk to people how do we make Friends? If trading is disabled how will you buy or sell in a world. Some of these ideas seems like the “Royal Lock” in Growtopia, which we differently don’t need in PW.

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Well, most of worlds would still be unprotected.

this is a bit pointless and doesn’t make much sense