Proximity sensor bug

This is tallman528 and i keep seeing this bug on proximity sensor where it doesnt detect your there. Please fix this because this stops the game from playing simply because of the bug. World wiredgames!

Screenshot_20210306-050045_Pixel Worlds|690x318

Huh? I thought this bug has already been patched.

In case anybody doesn’t wanna download the image.

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Is it connected to anything? Is that the only sensor that has the issue? I was thinking it’s just the “anyone can use” setting at first but you’re the world owner so it shouldn’t be about that.

The sensor is connected to a set of or gates that leads to xnor. There have been many sensors involving this in every game so i think the sensor itself is bugged. Yeah im the owner but the sensor dont like me lol. If you want more info i consent you to see wiring in Wiredgames

While trying to build a new Game, the bug also happened to me and I am pretty sure I tracked down the reason.
Proximity Sensors stay on for a really short moment after you leave their area. If you enter their area again while it’s “still staying on”, the Sensor will go OFF, even though you are inside its area.