PSA : New Video!

New YouTube Video!

All The Proof , Sending Thru Discord ! : Twayn#9578


Thanks! - 20>isadhdhdh

Bruh why don’t you cuts in your video? i had to watch it on x2 speed… and even tho it’s was kinda boring to watch…

You crop the video which is a good thing so we can see more easily what you are saying but jez… the cuts… do something about thisss


My bad i was being lazyyy - 20 < jjjjjdjddjdj

Lazy to do video = not good videos.

Sorry for being direct but if you are lazy to do videos, you won’t go far… try put more effort on your videos :wink:

One tip i recommend you is to watch the video after it’s exported just to make sure there is no bugs, a wrong cut or something.

I do that personally and i’ll be honest that i watch like my videos 5 times after the exportation to make sure it’s perfect before uploading it to YouTube and if i find something lke a partion of a clip that i forgot to remove or such, yes i will fix this and export the video again…
It takes me around 15min to export a video and trust me that it’s better to wait again 15min instead of publishing a video with a accidental cut or a moment in the video without music.

About music… try to put music that goes well with the video, the one you used dosen’t really fit…

Maybe try chill / lofi music for this kind of videos?

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