Punishment history

Give players the ability to see eachothers records and see stuff such as if the other player was banned, for how long, and for what reason. This means people who are scammers and have a bad record would find it hard to scam again, as their record would tell people all the scamming they did.


This is an incredibly stupid idea.

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this idea completely disagrees with the concept of people changing and would create stigma towards those previously punished.
why should we divide the community more?

It actually doesn’t affect your gameplay, it just makes you think twice before scamming, because it can put a black mark on your account.

The Good:
Encourages better behavior to avoid scamming and breaking rules, so you don’t have a bad record.

The Bad:
People can just make alts.

The Ugly:
Sometimes people do change, and it’d be unfortunate for someone who has matured to have their account permanently stained with the crimes of their past, never gaining trust when they’re now an honest person.

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I don’t think this would be a good idea, seeing exactly what a player has done. Perhaps a Reputation level that shows (Bad Behavior, Neutral Behavior, Good Behavior) This can still be manipulated if not done correctly (i.e. everyone starts off as neutral, bans and warnings lower your rep level. Players can give you thumbs up and thumbs down.)

Personally though, you should see everyone as a possible scammer no matter the situation. No matter if they are a close friend, family member, someone you know for over three years in game. Don’t be afraid to open a friendship with someone though, as I have found a good group of people I can personally call my friends.

“everyone dislike ProMan29 he scam my 3 soil”
Instant horrible reputation

But I do agree with the assuming everyone’s a possible scammer.
Usually once I know someone for a long time, I get a little more trust towards them, and I begin to acknowledge that any thing I do with them that requires trust is entirely my fault if they happen to scam me.
But to even gain enough of my trust in the first place is a challenge and a half.

Why does it matter if someone has changed though? You make it sound as if we are supposed to trust people with our items and them having a bad record means we won’t do that anymore and thats unfair. Yes, people can change, and its up to you whatever you want to do. But will seeing someones account was banned 879 days ago for drop games and nothing else recently, not prove your point that people can change, its just more accessible to players in game?

I’m asking you to explain your point, you said this is unfair because people can change:

We aren’t supposed to trust anyone with our items so I don’t understand what you are saying. Its unfair not to trust people if they scammed in the past and they haven’t scammed recently? I just want you to better explain what you meant. And how do you know they are an “honest person”? How can you tell that suddenly someone has become an honest person?

Maybe it can just show something like “this player has been punished within the last 90 days”
So that it isn’t permanent, since some people change.

What does the ability to see if someone has been banned before have to do with them changing?

Basically boils down to whether PW staff would ever want these records to be readily public. By far it is a positive aspect of having more information about another player as you would not want to associate yourself with someone who has an atrocious history.

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I personally agree with this idea. This adds a layer to penalty to player’s bad behavior. Regardless of whether they have changed or not, the fact that the stolen items are not returned to the victim speaks a lot about how this favors the scammer by a huge marging (e.g. a scammer manages to scam someone out of 20 World Locks and got banned for 3 or 7 days without the items removed from him nor returned to the victim).

Other than that, this enables honest players to be able to trust people who deserve to be trusted more by creating a clear line between who are honest, and who have records under their name.

Another point is toward an argument saying that a scammer with an alternative account is a loophole to this is, although valid, still worth fighting for this feature. For most scammers, they are typically lazy people or simply trolls who want easy money without putting much effort or being honest. This means that if someone’s trusting a player with level under 30 or 50 or accounts with high level but significantly low age, then it’s really on them to learn a bit skeptical. But know that reaching Lv. 80 to 100 isn’t something that most people can do within a short period of time (xxx ban days + extra time to grind new account). It’ll keep them busy for a decent amount of time, and perhaps they might think twice by then to stop having that behavior.

Lastly would be my concern over how protective the community is toward those people. These type of people do not contribute to the community in any way, shape, or form. If anything, these players are the very reason good players feel like nothing good anymore comes out of playing this social-based MMO game. I simply do not understand the concept of being too accepting toward people who actually backstab you days ago, and perhaps only got punished for one of their tens or hundreds misbehaving or scam attempts.

I understand the idea of people change, however it does not mean the past is undone. The past cannot be changed, and I believe the rest of the community deserve the right to know who have done what. Keep in mind that the record the OP is suggesting includes the details, reasons, situation, and the duration for the punishment. Most honest players won’t even be too judgmental if the punishment delivered to said individual is only for using ‘rude words’.

And what about me? I got banned for bullying and toxicness & hosting drop games .
Did I ever scammed? No.
Good idea but it doesn’t fit into the game.
^ my opinion :wink:

I’m just gonna say this is a yikes

Most honest players won’t even be too judgmental if the punishment delivered to said individual is only for using ‘rude words’.

I kind of agree, if a mod sees a scammer scam someone, the scammer gets banned and gets “scammer” in their info. And if the scammer wants it to be removed then the scammer has to return the item(s) back to the person he scammed from. I’ve heard somewhere that video proof is enough evidence that someone scammed, which means you can get a scammer banned after he scams you, wait when he gets unbanned and then the scammer could return your items if he doesn’t want to have “scammer” in their info. But this is just an idea, now that I’ve written it, it doesn’t sound too good.

What? It shows your ban history and for what reason. What do you mean?