PW censorship

I already know a lot of not so smart people are gonna comment on this but like why are the words gay and lesbian censored like it’s 2021 LOL

I kinda undertstand why gay is but lesbian bruh lol just uncensor them or smth idk maaaaan :flushed:


I don’t think those should be censored. The people who use them as insults will find a way around the censored word anyway.

Yeah like putting a 3 in the middle letter fo the word gay

I agree with uncensoring those. Homo is censored as well.

At least we can all agree PW’s censorship is not as abysmal as Roblox’s that doesn’t let you speak half the words in the English Language



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what if they added an option to choose whether or not words are censored on your screen, might solve all censorship issues.

because you are a furry thats why


Hey they are censorer Cuz people use the words in a hurtful Way this is not Cuz we dont approve of the gats and lesbains it’s only Cuz some people are immature

Fix your grammer not to offend

Sorry im on phone lmao it’s Reslly hard to type haha

Oh ok understandable lmao

I think it’s because they are commonly used for name calling. Also I don’t think those topics should be argued about in a kids game.

Many words are used for name calling. For example, “Idiot”, “fat” and “ugly”. They are all personality traits, yet, they aren’t censored like “Gay” or “Lesbian”.

This isn’t a kids game. Yes, the majority are kids, but the forums have an overwhelming abundance of over 15-year-olds that are able to communicate properly, and politely.

This isn’t arguing either, it’s open discussion. Could you please explain to me, why you think that a open discussion shouldn’t be conducted in a game, or its forums, which are designed for social interaction?

Uhm it’s rated PEGI 7 on the Google Playstore and that means it’s also rated for kids. I don’t get where you think this isn’t a kids’ game. That older people also play this game doesn’t make it not a kids game. Also, you get banned for swearing and bullying. Most other games I know that are not for kids don’t ban you for swearing in the in-game chat. Also the forums are related to the game. So most of those rules probably apply here too.

Talking about things like that most of the time tends to people arguing and I think moderation doesn’t want to deal with those kinds of situations all the time. And it always starts with an open discussion, But these LEAD to arguments. These rules are there for a reason and you’re probably not the first one that thought this way. Just like they say in the Discord rules “Do not post or discuss any content related to controversial & sensitives topics” It isn’t because they are Anti-gay or something it’s just that they probably would rather not want themselves related to sensitive topics as a brand.

All I’m trying to say is that maybe you should not talk about those things in a game-chat.

Just because something can be played by young kids, doesn’t mean that it’s a kids’ game. Look at Minecraft for example. Many games do want to keep the community civil, thus enforcing a rule of no swearing. So, we come to the conclusion, that you can’t state something as a fact, when it’s from your subjective view. I do not think they are anti-gay. I am sharing my view on why the words should not remain censored.

The forums and the game are two different platforms. I don’t think this is a sensitive topic, either.
To discuss, is to share one’s argument, which is necessary for open discussions.

The moderators’ jobs are to deal with situations, where it gets out of control, or someone breaks rules. We can discuss this as long as we do not break any rules and remain civil.

If you want to, we can discuss this further tomorrow. But for the time being, I’m going to bed. My school starts at eight tomorrow.

Buenos notches/Hyvää yötä/God natt/Good night!

(Almost every Minecraft server is third-party. Minecraft has almost no control over these and can’t really set any rules for them.)

Because we clearly got different opinions on this topic and will probably never come to agree with each other I’m just trying to end it here.

I just don’t think it’s censoring and that’s why I don’t really see any problem with it. It’s the same reason why Religion shouldn’t be talked about in chat. Everyone has different opinions on this and that has always been like that. Probably will never change and nobody can do anything about that. That’s why those rules are probably put in place.

This spiraled out in out in a whole text wall so let’s just stop it here and get back to doing more useful and fun stuff instead of wasting all our energy on this.

Have a good Night/Day!

Furries are so cringe :grimacing: