Pw forums creepy side

so anyone with enough power can create a message using my account in a matter of seconds ?

All I know is that a forum moderator can edit your message and remove the pencil icon (The one you get after editing, only after 5 minutes that post was sent)

I know this from experience, as I hosted a discourse forum.

Yes. The admin panel contains an “Impersonate” button on every account, which lets you make a shadow login to the target account and post whatever you want under their account.

Seriously, who knows. Maybe Commander_K was posting here all the time but by only using the impersonate option.

How dare you accuse me of such debauchery! I am a REAL PERSON that goes by the username DESTI! I am not Commander_K how dare you suggest that i would abuse my power to pretend to be him!

Well maybe he was on Jake’s account sometimes…
Who’s to judge?