PW is dying

From looking at the most “active” trade worlds we can see that there are not as much people as before

For example:
Trade at 33 players, at the start of this year, this was unheard of
Buy, same thing
Trader, that used to be brimming full of people selling cheaper items, now completely uninhabited

this happen mostly due to PWE being invented, mostly eveyone use PWE. Example for new player.

Also according to some website analysis, PW player will have a spike ROSE UP everytime each and every new big update release.

1.) *rise
2.) Tru

don’t worry Halloween update is coming lol

Basically the player base and the amount of active people increase because of new stuff. But there is no solid thing on why they want to play it if there are no new stuff



4:20 my time is usually when its most popular(no jokin)

Yeah that’s not inactivity that has always happened at unpopular timezones.

o yea i see now, it used to be 11 - around 4 inactive and all the players are on at the no clickbait omg many player in game(COPS CALLED) almost died, sussy imposter sightings hour



how many memes do you make per day :skull:


today i have a dead left hand
I ran out of bandages :man_shrugging:

You do realize there’s something called different time zones right?

Just because people aren’t using the popular worlds doesn’t mean that “pw is dying”

Let’s say that pw has less players than usual, but you should’ve know that pw gets LOADED of players whenever an event arrives.


You do realize that i already answered this right?

  • When we incloude growtopia and breaworlds -Actually- dying, pw player base is increasing every single day non-stop.


im just trying to get involved

that will be 5k-10k peak in the halloween event