PW "lockdown" periods

There are sometimes times when tons of new accounts are created just to raid and spam.
For these cases, I suggest having a “safety mode”.

In safety mode, all exisiting PW accounts can play normally. However, if you press on “New Account”, instead of the usual intro, you would get this screen:

Registration Key
Please input your key below:
[Text field for key]
[No key?] [Register]

The No Key button would bring up this:

Why do you need a key?
This is a temporary safety measure, which is to help prevent raids.
Where can I get a registration key?
Please contact
When will this go away?
Usually, the registration key requirement goes away after a few days, but can be brought back according to the situation.

Please tell me what do you think. PLEASE SHARE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I will ignore any non-constructive criticism.

What happens if somebody actually starts playing pw that day.

They can either wait for a while or contact for a registration key.

For example, CloneMii (Miiverse clone) has it so you need a registration key to register too. And I’m the one that wants to register on there, so I went and contacted the owner so they can give me one.

That could deter them from wanting to play the game.

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That would deter them.

It would also overcomplicate everything. The real fix is to get more moderators.

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You cannot register without a key.

As others have said, this would be complicated, and if I were a new player wanting to join and I literally had to contact the game’s developers to even play, I’d immediately uninstall the game.



On a note of seriousness, bad idea. I don’t wanna wait like 2 weeks to make an account to start playing a game, so i probably would just delete it if i were them. Captcha would be better