PW not getting updates

Hey y’all know why PW made a big changes to the game? What update leaks other than black halo stuff.
Sorry I didn’t stay up to date on the news I just returned to pw.

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Even though it’s my personal opinion, I think the new update is actually sick and here’s the reason (even though I like some recolors, dislike some others):

It just needs a way to create that kinda world generation for existing worlds too, like for example letting people generate those worlds on clear, world locked worlds

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Cool! But is that the only updates?

I think so, there are a couple of recolored items that look cool, couple that kinda miss the mark but I think overall this update is a very cool thing. When I saw the world generation (even tho it’s not revolutionary or super hard to add to the game), I was convinced that it’s huge :sweat_smile:

PW’s logo was changed to this:

(Regarding the people that keep saying I’m “too negative” - correct, I might be a little too negative, but I mean the closedverse thing as a joke.)

Ondrashek being a crybaby like usual


Even if it’s a joke, a human mind can only take so much of one repetitive, pesimistic joke. If you would like to have a conversation on why you think PW is gonna close, you can

  • write to me privately, we can talk about it so that we compare opinions and that will maybe finally stop it
  • you can create a thread where you lay down all the discussion points on why you think that’s gonna happen if it has to be public, so that we can compare opinions again and finally stop it.

Ondrashek please :sweat:

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I’m honestly looking forward to the new world generation. Considering that most HTF blocks can now be accessed easily now.


Agreed, we’re finally getting alien worlds without tens of thousands of bc spent!
And even better they’re generated so nice, that they don’t need too much work from us after we generate them to feel original. I was never a builder type but I’m on the hype train for it :heart:

Did you read the disclaimer below the image or did you just write that post the second you seen the Closedverse logo?

We all read the disclaimer. Even though there’s a disclaimer it doesn’t change the fact that everyone at this point had too much of it :sweat:

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Doesnt this affect the value of all those blocks?

It does, that value was way too high to create a world we’d like to create :sweat: Those blocks are hard to find, hard to pay for most of times

congratulations, you get the worst joke of the year award, ondrashek

I’ll be honest, your joke sucks and better stop posting about these stuff. Mr.toonegative

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