PW SoundTrack collection (Before byte coin store update)

I recently (finally) finished with my project of every pixel worlds music piece (before the byte coin store update)
I have added Time stamps and generally I tried my best in the creation of this , did a lot of research too!
If you wanna listen to it here it is ;D
PIXEL MIX ~ My special pw video
Have a nice day :sunglasses:

On my playlist I have some music that you don’t have in your video, like these 4 new songs.

The lounge_(2 letter) isn’t correct. It should be lounge_(code of the country that has the language in-game)

It isn’t just random 2 letters

because _se is the country code for Sweden.

Who said they owned the video? He was just showing that it already had been done.

Anyways, I have a video suggestion. Why not extend the music instead of putting them all in one video? I like the ‘Chill Out’ PW music, so maybe extend that?

well, you can just put the normal length ones on loop on yt (right click the player when on pc, use the settings in the player when on mobile)