PWE features I think would be useful

Sometimes people are just searching for items to just buy them for collections or out of boredoom, or just try them. And it’s kind of painful always seeing new items and checking their price if you can afford it or no.

So my idea is - make price filters in PWE, like:
Price between X and Y
Price less than X
Price more than X
Items you can afford

I also have another idea which also should be useful - combining filters. Like right now we can choose item type, category and rarity, but we can choose only 1. So how about selecting multiple filters? Like: Wearable - Headgear - Ultra Rare/Legendary. Can be pretty useful if you’re searching for an item you know nothing about (I remember coming back to game and wondering about new item names and rarities, I only knew how they look).

And the last suggestion is - “!” displaying above PWE if your order got fulfilled or you sold something. I and MaskedMan (if I remember correctly) did a post about that in PW Discord server suggestion channel, which also got 30+ “YES” or around 100 (I can’t remember).

Thanks for your time if you actually read it


This would be sooo good instead of checking pwe every hour to check if something is sold or not. With that “!” icon, you wouldn’t have to check pwe soo often or to wonder if something is sold…

Nice suggestion, i hope it will be added in the game

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Yeah that would be great but ngl opening the pwe without that is kinda fun cuz it builds the suspense whether you sold or bought something (orders) or not. For me at least, it’s like a guessing game, I will guess I sold something or not and see what happens

Ngl it is really fun.