PWE fix for average prices

Average price is counted to daily, 20 last days visible no matter how many times tryed fake price add fill wouldn’t instantly change price but required to do that atleast 5 days in row to be effective in way or other.
Same system should be in Order and actually sold items



It just won’t work, i will give you an example

An items price is 69 bytes
I want to fake rise them

ok lets say there are 10 sales in the past 5 days

69 69 69 69 2000 69 69 69 69 69

the average price would be 262.1, still far higher than its original 69.
If they were to try and fix average, they will need to implement methods, such as making fake rising a bannable offence, they could do this by having rise limits, such as an item not being able to rise or drop 50% in one go.