PWE "Orders" section needs to be reworked!

Right now I don’t use PWEs “Orders”-section at all, since it’s completely broken and needs to be reworked. The main broblem is that people use it incorrectly. Most orders are ordered for extremely low price, it makes no sense to use the orders feature. Orders need to have complete rework.

Do you use PWE Orders-feature?
  • Yes I do.
  • No, I don’t.

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It is a pretty underrated, yet functional system. I don’t think it needs a re-work, it’s just underrated


I do not agee. And how could you rework it anyway?

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Nothing that can be done. If people wish to set these kinds of orders, let them. It’s not like somebody gonna fulfill them all.


I lean more towards the side of “No I don’t”, the only functionality it serves for me is when I want to check the information of an item that nobody has listed on the PWE.

I think the order systems is pretty good how it is. There will always be people who try and buy 999wls for 2 byte coins, but really it’s just their loss.

The orders system has let me buy some items for nearly half the price which people are normally selling. So I’m all for it :+1:

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I’m more of using byte coins instead of wls, and I think that the PWE is fine as it’s. Although, it’d be great if people notice its potencial and usefulness.

It doesn’t need a rework I think, we just need to encourage players to use it.


The orders system is fine as it is, it’s just the people setting the extremely low prices but theres not much you can do about that. It is quite an underused tool though

I disagree with the suggestion to have it reworked. It’s fine as is. The only problem is those who are now using it trying to somehow hope that someone will accidentally sell their items at a ‘robbing’ price tag. If people put their orders with reasonable price tags, sellers will start to honor their order request—if you expect your order request to be taken seriously and honored, then you better respect the seller’s time doing their jobs to get that item and to sell it to you.

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i actually used the system for the first time a few days ago. ordered a random block that i didn’t really expect anyone to sell (purple stem light or whatever) and someone actually sold them. as some people have previously said, i also agree that it is underrated and underutilised by people.

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I’ve helped my friend get the achievement for doing orders what a painful hour

I agree.
The idea is good overall, but the way it is done is something I dont like.
First of all, I think that there shouldn’t be an extra “tab” for orders, but instead the orders can still be in the same ‘buy’ tab and listed whenever you search for an item.
Also, if you sell an item, the game should automatically check whether an order has been asked for this item with the exact price and if that is the case, the order should be automatically fullfilled. Sort of like the steam marketplace works. Sellers do not fullfill the orders on steam manually (even though it is possible), the system automatically does it.

I used it to hoard Black Seasonal Hoodies so it’s working perfectly fine. I ordered them for 200-300 byte coins and people actually fulfilled the orders.

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I mean, you might as well get a discount if the item on sale was actually cheaper than the price you expected to pay it for.

But again, it wouldn’t be that fun if you accidentally ordered a cave wall for 99 BC, and you got it instantly, or you accidentally sold a precious item for 1 BC (trying to finish a quest of some sort).

Maybe have like some sort of cooldown before the item gets automatically fulfilled. 1 hour, maybe?