Pwe taxes

The Pwe taxes mayby should Be smaller like If u sell 2m BC item pwe steals like 150k its rly much For many guy

dont sell something that worths that much by pwe. pwe taxes are needed and reducing the price may fasten the inflation

parrot :parrot:

lemme simplify

the inflation in the game is due to too much bytes in circulation, taxes are literally the only way to slow it.

That’s 100% i didin’t Even think about that haha

tax is 10% so that would be 200k

How about to add small 3-4 per cent taxes to the all trades (taxes for bc only, not for items)
For example you selling wings for 100k using trade
Victim gices 100k, you getting 98k

This game already has a lot of problem with BC inflation, and you want to castrate the only reliable money sink feature?

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Idk its just much money