PWE Terminal on VIP Daily Bonus

Anyone knows in which month is PWE added in the VIP daily bonus prize poll? I want to have it without spending a single bytecoin :sweat_smile:

Well use gems? Buy it from the shop…

This is doable for FREE

ok you need to do a 1000 gems a day in ads watching , plus lots of game play that involves gems … Such as world hunting where you can break gem rich blocks, quite a few of the tasks give good gem return .

Under a month? Yeah - maybe 3 weeks …

You also need to have a VIP active, but doing all this should get a days VIP as well

Good luck

As for the month it was quite recently available. Fairly sure it’s only in the VIP section

You have to also remember there’s no guarantee you’ll win! Far from it in truth

I saw some on vacation