PWE update small one

Increase Slots amount in PWE to Sell and Order.
1 slot for normal accounts.
2 slots for VIP accounts.

This would ease somewhat to sell and buy items due amount is just increasing.

Apart from the meme, i have few accounts i use to sell stuff on pwe exchange and you only need to be level 10 to trade someone (aka your main to get the bytes), it’s super easy to get this level, it takes an hour or so. (surely less if you complete some achivements and some clan quests)

3 accounts will add 9 more slots for you to sell your items and if you are someone like me who sell tons of stuff, it would be really useful.

Joining a clan will also add some extra slots if you increase your reputation level.


I have 13 accounts and 7 of them in clan 70% of its time all slots are in use to buy and sell stuff.
Its way too little endlessly increasing amount of new gears and rare stuff, as well normal blocks, Color-omat stuff. 2 of my accounts i have bought VIP’s - i support Kukouri and Pixelworlds.
PWE update should have relativity on new gear increased in game.
My account lvl range is between 25 - 200.

Lol i dont sell that much stuff. So i dont rly need it. Mby they should add more mining gear tho.