PWForums and RBLXForums

They have the same design, but has some differences lmao.

It’s just the forum software Discourse, it’s pretty common now


roblox huh? i played that game for 2 years and is stop playing that bad game cause i alr play same game for 1 year and more

It’s just that one bans people for no reason and the other is the PW forum. I got literally banned from there for 1000 years for nothing. Also, yes, it’s the same forum software. also has this.

I remember you making a thread complaining about this. You didn’t get banned from the Pixel Worlds and Roblox forums specifically, you just got banned from the official Discourse forums from what I can tell.

I am currently only banned from roblox forums. They removed the ban in meta, but threatened to permanently lock my account if “I do this again”. I have never posted since that, because of the fact that they banned me twice for honest questions.

Oh, so you were complaining about getting banned from the Roblox forums by Roblox staff, not Discourse staff, alright then.

Just saying, you keep on whining here or on the PW discord server about all of your bans on various games/websites including Fandom, PW in-game, PW discord, Minecraft servers & now various forums. Based on this I find it really hard to believe that every website just seems to hate you, it’s likely because of your own actions in the end. I don’t see how it’s possible to get banned on so many services without most of the problem being your own behavior.

Wow. The Pixelworlds devs stole the Roblox forums. They must be bad people


Didn’t even know he’d been banned from that many sites and services, whew. I wouldn’t put it past his behavior being the issue there.

Live footage of the Pixel Worlds developers stealing the Roblox forums: