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Hello everyone, I think I can call myself a coder now after making several small projects relating to pixelworlds, such as a program which can find Jake (or any player) from four blocks in a picture, and a program which can translate pixelworlds screenshots into Pixelworlds Tools files. My newest and most biggest project is Pixelworlds Gems, a website.

Pixelworlds gems is a fish and mine gems calculator with more options than other solutions. The website started as a blank text-editor file and has now become a full website using html, java, css and bootstrap. I’ve spent many hours and rewrote the site twice to get it how I like it.

Some Features:

  • has https:// so its safe!
  • Responsive design for desktop and mobile
  • Simple UI
  • Short website name
  • Calculate Fish and Gemstones using two different style (table and list)
  • Adjust the rate of Gems per WL
  • pick your clan level to add your clan bonus to the total
  • Calculate selling prices in byte coins as well as world locks
  • The site is always being worked on, so new features and fixes come often.

Future Features

  • Link Sharing
  • More calculation settings (like starting gems and byte coin per wl rate)
  • Other tools like generating an image from the fish you calculated.
  • Things people suggest me!

Two Styles of Calculating

In this site I worked on two style of a gem calculator. The default one is the standered style used by most other gem calculators. The second type is my own version of the calculator which operates a little like a inventory manegment program. You can check out both versions with the link above.


Keep in mind that this is an WIP site, so there will be some small issues. If you do find any then it would greatly help me out if you would message me about it on the forums or on discord. If you do end up using the website, then let me know what you think about it :smiley: , Thank you!

(Yes i know i created a new thread!)


I added a few cool things! these include:

  • Link Sharing. for easier selling in the discord or online.
  • Help page with a small FAQ
  • notices saying that the assets belong to kukouri mobile entertainment (important : D)
  • WEB APP SUPPORT (you can add it to homescreen on mobile and it will act like a real app! no browser bar or anything

If you want to try out link sharing its pretty self explanitory on the website. Here is a little example:
If I wanted to sell you 23 Large Tuna and a small Dumbfish then I can share you this link:

and here is the help page:

Hope you guys enjoy and tell me what you think! :smiley:


I added some new features and pages to the website

  • added guide page which shows some info about lures (WIP)

  • cells now light green when there is fish in them. this makes it easier to see that you calculated things right.

  • Added reset button which clears all fish

  • Added gem pouches as an option

  • Added a percentage bar to show what percentage of your fish/gemstones come from what

  • Still Ad free. So no disturbances (: