PWPhone Item Suggestion

While staring at a wall, I came up with an idea! The PWPhone! :iphone: It’s an untradable utility item that allows you to get notifications about PWE sales, and you can take them straight from your phone, the flaw would be that you can’t sell items directly from the phone, keeping the PWE terminal economy straight. It could also allow you to teleport to worlds with a prop called phone booths, it’s a portal for phone users. How shall we obtain this item? I thought it should be obtainable when you make 100 PWE sales, or 100 quests. If you have suggestions to make this item better, tell me!


Omg yes! Also please developers need to make mobile push notifications about PWE sales.

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I think knowing when you make a PWE sale should be a feature itself, BUT I like the idea of there being “points” that you can teleport to using phones.
Perhaps they’d be points in worlds you own so you don’t end up teleporting to other peoples’ phonebooths without their permission.

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There could also be personal phone booths, that only you have access to.

Adding phones or pwe alerts in general: Yes
Adding this exact feature: No

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hmm this does sound good but at the same time

how tf did this happen from a wall

When you are having a bored day, sometimes ya just gotta stare at the wall and think about productive things you arent doing.

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i’m supposed to be doing school rn i think im pretty good on productive things im not doing


I thought it would be like GT phones, and I was like “phew” when I read it.

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The Devs have already thought of making mailbox system too.

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I don’t play growtopia, so even then I wouldn’t know

Basically, you dial a number and get the corresponding NPC, but it is extremely boring since there are like only 8 active numbers.

  • 4 are joke numbers
  • 2 are for actual NPCs
  • 1 is a place where you buy a pizza item
  • 1 is a random number, for a secret.

Interesting, and strange. Well I wanted to make the PWPhone a useful utility.

I think If it releases no one Will dont go check real pwe or smth and pwe itself gets useless:(

OR you could put up that youre selling an item and when someone wants to buy it they have to meet you!

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That’s why they can’t sell, it keeps them making the PWE useless.

How about this, the idea in itself is brilliant. At the same time, I am one of the few advocates for ByteCoin sink to maintain the value so it doesn’t go hyper inflation.

Just like phone in real life, we’re subscribed to a cellular network provider that basically charge us monthly. I’m thinking the same… Weekly connection charge can be implemented here (e.g. 75 BC or 100 BC per week; amount due is up to developers).

This makes not everyone will suddenly use this and abandon PWE, and at the same time promote positive behavior toward maintaining healthy economy where the money isn’t inflating so much.

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Here are some ways that could protect other people’s phonebooths:
The ID system
Every phonebooth would have its assigned unique ID, like #4397-2. Only with the ID you can teleport to a booth - you would know IDs from your own Phonebooths, and if someone wanted you to TP to someone’s phonebooth, they could tell you the ID.
The Phonebook system
You could access a Phonebook, which is a list of all phonebooths. Each phonebooth could either be PUBLIC (available to everyone), PASSWORD-PROTECTED (available to people with a password), and PRIVATE (available to only the owner).
The lock-dependant system
You can only teleport to phonebooths in worlds that you have locked, or in worlds where you have access to the lock. Though that will be the most “lazy” system, as you’d have to give access to the lock to let someone TP to a booth.

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