Quality Of Life Game Suggestions

World Navigation Binds:
an option in the settings to teleport between worlds by simply pressing a button. for example, you could bind HOME to your main world to quickly move there without the need to exit the world and type out your world’s name. you could also use this for quick trade world switching, like between TRADE and BUY, like binding TRADE to 0 and BUY to 9 to check for sellers/buyers with ease

More Mouse Functions To Menus:

This maybe isn’t the most useful thing in the world for most people, but for me and other people that have mouses with mouse 4 and mouse 5 (extra buttons on the mouse).
this feature would allow you go back and forth in menus with a single button click, m4 for back and m5 dor forward.
Chrome for example uses m4 to go back and m5 to go forward. (or the other way around, i might not remember the names correctly)

Reworking the PWE layout and buy order system:

As of right now, at least from what i feel like, the order system is a little incomplete, and this is what i feel like needs to be added to it:

  1. Auto buy orders:
    Like the steam community market (which is the base for this suggestion), if someone lists an item for sale for let’s say, 2 bytes each, and you have a buy order for 2 bytes each, then your buy order get’s fulfilled, if not fully it will just reduce the amount you originally listed.
    If someone lists an item for lower than your buy order, like 1.5 bytes while you listed to buy for 2, you automatically buy for 1.5, meaning you just get a discount

  2. Layout:
    I feel like the current layout is a little messy, the fact you have 2 sections, one for buy orders and one for sell orders means most people won’t even bother looking at the sell orders most of the time, the solution to this is making both sell orders and buy orders appear on the same page, this would also help to get a general idea for the item’s demand and how much people want it.

  3. (Cool but not as necessary) Recent activity:
    This will basically show new buy orders placed/removed, and sales being made in more detail.

  4. Allow the option to list 40 items at a time but allow buyers to buy indivisual ones if they choose so, maybe like a box you can tick

All of the ideas came from the steam community market’s way of doing this stuff, and is shown in the image below.


man what the hell did i just read

Just some of my suggestions for the game i moved from the pw-suggestions channel on discord here, is something wrong with it?

no im just confused thats it

Very cool! Maybe add more visualizations about those ideas so people don’t get confused easily.

I think this game would need equipment slots that would show you shich part of the body the item is taking space on.
Some items take more than just one slot. There are more not-so-obvious slots that some items take over. For example- you don’t take off your belt to put on a scarf, or take hair off to put a hoodie and etc.

Player info button could show all the info that you can see when clicking on other people’s info’s.

There could be faster acess to player info screen rather than going into menu first. The same goes with gem shop- I never would spend money on a game but yet every time gem bundles window opens.

What about adding left-handed option for mobile users?

Different chat windows- like messages, cureent world chat or all including beoadcasts. If someone messages you, the message can get flooded with all the chat and broadcasts.

Looking at item’s informarion while trading would be useful. (The same one we can get while long clicking on the item)

Different layout for world selection. (like a list view and other types).

Option to increase UI and text size. Right now UI size gets locked depending on resolution.

There are more althouh it would need some thinking of which ones would be the most important ones, as its not easy changing something that players already got used to…