Question about active worlds page

I am pretty sure I am not the first to mention it but has anyone else noticed the suspicious amount of specifically two letter worlds in the active worlds page showing one player in the world but there actually being no one? What caught my attention to this situation is the fact that recently, towards european night time, the game servers were lagging and crashed twice for every player which obviously made many believe someone is up to duplicating again.

Rarely use active world’s but two different 2 letter world’s I’ve followed with multiple daily visits for a long time have both just changed ‘hands’. One I know decayed, yet again the new owner was there at the exact time , I had even narrowed that down!.

As for dupe world’s for ALL reading this NEVER ad and warp to for a world sale. This is a common scam

ALWAYS type the name in yourself …

I’ve come very close to catching two different accts doing this on video … even coming back with one of my other accounts. These player(s) are sharp though and will watch where you visit once added. I will live video someone doing this - I’m quite determined to!

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On this

I have noticed a huge increase in world and server lags… which have lost me a ton of time and even access to a world!

I had put that down to the Devs not being on their ‘A-game’ with looking after stuff…

as bad as the developers and servers can be this is not normal behaviour as the game used to work just fine almost all of the time, and the game barely is active in general so no one can say the halloween event is loading the servers with too many data packets

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Yeah decaying 2 symbol worlds are all claimed by bots when they decay, sadly.

If you could get there before the bot it would be easy to take
Breaking and placing requires a delay, placing doesn’t

Where the hell is this info…? I’ve actually looked .

Again I would like to video this going on …

The Devs could easily track it down from that !

Right now yet there is defo no player there neither had I visited it and left…

Right now my active world list is showing multiple 2 letter world’s with 1 player in .

None of them do , well one who came in after me

maybe this could explain the worlds pixellox owns full of duped stacks of pwr set pieces

that has existed for a longer time, those were made months ago

There’s an Auto-Lock option in modern paid trainers which beats any normal click-placing human. (Unless you use an autoclicker, which is not allowed either)
It is in fact easier to beat a cheater in it when they have terrible internet connection, but that’s not the case with bots.

So are you saying someone has coded a bot specific to pixel world’s that places it’s locks?

the thing is that this issue presents itself to all worlds not just decaying and even when they are active someone from the main page will see an additional player in the world that is not actually there, there are no bots involved

Yeah, just like bots in this video:

They’re just Pixel Worlds accounts operated by the code ran by their owner (In the video it’s Charon)
(They might have names and wear somewhat costy clothes unlike the bots in the video though)

Also about there “not actually being a player” in the active worlds… Pretty sure it’s easy enough to make the bot leave the world as soon as someone joins it.

for as far as hacks for this game go there is nothing like that and if it was a thing why would it stand in worlds owned by online players just to leave when detecting someone enter?