Question about Epic PWR

Does anybody know the most recently released Epic PWR armor? There’s really no way to differentiate the newer from older versions of the Epic PWR besides asking the community.

The newest epwr is white one

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Thanks Serxan, I appreciate it.

No differences from comparing colors, just how the players likes the colors most to make it worth more (Black Color probably the most expensive one).

What do you mean??
You can hack the game and servers and access the amount of then in game then kidnap a developer and ask them…
(Just kidding brothers please do not actually do this, I do not want to go into any legal “things.” Take it easy my bruvvers, OK?)

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i might try that one day

-tellcode says to take it easy
-deletes the post
-mfw i can still check
-mfw i still take it easy anyway

Idk quote isn’t working. I am probably doing something stupid…

Thank you very much.

you talking to yourself lol?

No… I am just saying you forgot the other half…