Question about hoarding items

I never really understood how hoarding items works. I myself hoarded hundreds of items but I need to sell them now. So how does this work, are they supposed to rise? What price am I supposed to sell the items for, low, medium or high price?

Well i never did it personally but i guess the procces is just like:

Buy a certain amount of this item --) the said item will be in demand because it’s will be hard to find --) rise in value because people will try to get it and because nobody sell the item, people will pay more to get it.

hoarding items works well if you can create a demand for it. if it’s some irrelevant item that no one even knows is hoarded, the price won’t really rise. if many people look for it, you can sell high obviously.

i haven’t hoarded myself but i think people sell on alt accounts? to make it less obvious that the hoard is being released back in.

Yea… i guess hoarding is good for halloween legendaries.

I did hoard items that are irrelevant and no one really needs and there is still so much of it circulating in pw. I couldn’t create a demand for it. Should I sell the hoard for cheap then?

That’s what i said before… halloween items are better to hoard because they are in high demand and also hard to find few months after the events. Try hoard these kind of items next time.

Well… you can but try to not sell for more cheap than you bought the item for…

Like if you bought the item for example 500 bytes each, don’t sell for 490 bytes each maybe like 550 or more if possible.

I hoard those items just to keep them for years actually. For the particular item I hoarded I made a mistake hoarding it actually, because it might come back.

You hoarded a limited item, right ?

I mean, not really… It did come back one time. It might come back again so I’m kind of scared.

Hmm… well you probably know that if a item is limited, the quantity of it will decrease by the time and become more rare and rise.
Well… is that a daily bonus item, vip or blacktower item ? (you don’t need to tell the name of the item)

It was a limited booster item and it was a daily bonus prize. From 2016 but apparently it came back in 2019

Hmmm… well normally these kind of items don’t come back… if this came back once already, i doubt this will come back again…

I believe it’s coming back

There is the typical “Seasonal … item” on the description of the item ?

it just has the item description

Well… it’s MAY gonna come back. Like if this came back already, there is high chance that this won’t again… It’s not 100% sure but still…

1.) First thing. Its supposed to be either a limited item, or just hard to acquire.
2.)Buy it up, let people know you are buying them. Buy them for as cheap as you can.
3.) wait for players that want it to offer you

4.) keep buying them up

5.) let them keep asking you to buy it

6.) crash the market for the item

7.) create a mass extinction event for the item

8.) Create a cult of worshippers for those items

9.) Charge exorbitant prices + high purchasing tax to people wanting to buy them

10.) Sell the rest for as high as you can

11.) repeat

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this seems complicated

Actually no its quite easy . When you hoard an item people must also know that you are hoarding it, what i mean is for example get 100 of an item you want to hoard and just do a gm or something like that you are hoarding that item and most importantly you need patience
(Im not a hoarder but i think it works like this)

I dont know much about hoarding but the basic thing you have to see is if an event is coming (xmas, blacktower etc.), if you notice some event/limited items rising from past events, get em and hoard them they will rise when that event starts although it doesnt work like that sometimes. It is all on the demand