Question is sw1m a rare name world?

title says all :revolving_hearts:

Nope it isn’t a rare name.

rip, but thanks for responding :revolving_hearts:

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Actually depends on who wants to buy it

nope, that’s not rare. usually names with numbers aren’t rare. try finding 2-3 letter worlds with only letters, if 3 letters it won’t be rare, but you could sell for a few worldlocks.
2 letter worlds are rare, I am not sure how much you could get for them, but you could get maybe around 50-100 (sorry if I am not right because I am not sure now because the game prices are chaning)

it’s really hard hunting for 2 letter worlds because a lot of them are locked.

Why did you think it is rare? Well yeah it looks like Swim but it has a number instead of the i in the swim so yeah not rare in my eyes.

My opinion: there is no “rare worlds” because every world name is different and it depends on buyer too (except 2-3 letter worlds, because their names are same and people buy them because of short names). So i don’t know, all depends on buyer and seller. Maybe it is rare world name for someone

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I’ve heard those sentences somewhere before. :thinking:

@Tweyn Sold a 2 letter world 210 that’s about the price