Question - Rift Portals

What are rift portals?
Since when was it introduced?
Also, why did I remember nothing about PW announcing it?
What was the item you get in there?

It’s supposed to be secretive lore stuff, that’s probably why they didn’t announce it.

They where added in the wiring update if i rember correctly.
Never announced, however Jake did hint at it as “a secret feature”.
you get light absorbing fragments and glowing

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When the rift got added, there were no fragments. It wasn’t about profiting xd.

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Rift portals are a gateway to the lore world of Pixel worlds.

The rift portals were introduced sometime during the wiring update.

The reason you never saw any official announcement is because it’s meant to be a secret for the players to find out on their own since it’s part of the lore.

Once inside the lore world you had a set amount of time to look around and collect light absorbing shards, which currently, do nothing.