Questions about the contest?

If you have any questions about the contest then add them to this post with a reply!
I will try to answer to them to the best of my ability!

Info about the contest here: About the Short Movie -contest - #2


When it ends?

What are the prizes? (i know there’s post in Instagram but there might be people who are not willing to make account)

there is also another topic here that has the info :wink: About the Short Movie -contest - #2

Weird, i don’t see it on forums main page, not even if i scroll down.

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For those who are lazy, the prizes are as follows:

  • 1st 1,000,000 Gems
  • 2nd- 10th Golden VIP

Contest ends 8th of September.

Movie must be 3- 10 minutes.

Post movie on Youtube with #PWMOVIE.


Will there be a Wiring contest after this contest ends?

Maybe not right away but the next contest will be most likely about wiring.

i have a question…do the other actress/actor got their prize too? or just the director

The devs always keep forgetting that account IDs will do the trick too…

thanks bro you really helping me :slight_smile:

Multiple entry are allowed?

Also, why is there a “-” in the subforum name?

can you just tell how you guys will judge the entry like how much points for the story(script) how much for the acting and how much for the editing(animation) ?

I think the judging process is not revealed because then people would modify their work just so they can get the most points.

This is just funi question…can it be “ad” like (:

Can we use ANY music???
And can we post our movie HERE in the forums if we do not have a YouTube account?

who doesnt has youtube?

I mean, if you have a Google account, you automatically have a YouTube account.