Questions about this "Farming Update"

I might be wrong, I’ve heard Jake already showed off some farm update items like cows and stuff. Are they going to be added sooner?
Will they drop something (ex: Sheep drops wool, Cow drops milk)

Asking this because if there’s no sheep, my soon to be suggested item " Sewing Machine (just incase if someone has suggested this before, I’m crediting)" might become useless. Every sewing machine requires wool to active (makes wool scarf. Etc)


It was part of xmas calendar series title was “Update that never happened”
And it included cows,chicken,sheeps but they dont have any usage yet.
They Are just like props rn that doesnt do Anything Even that description says
Example chicken “Gives you 1 egg everyday” i dont remember but it was something like that. Anyways there were vending Machines, barn blocks and that related stuff.
Jake said they Will be coming IF they can find good usage for them.

But Im pretty sure it wont happen.

That’s just sad, without milk wools and eggs. Updates like Sewing and Cooking won’t be existing and might be used with alternatives.

Idk its kinda confusing its not survival game so we dont need cows,chickens,sheeps
Or food and stuff

I know this game is in creative mode. Food given food buff and can make more clothings and neck items. Can be useful for someone…

It would be cool If we can have cooking themed clothes or more farming themed.
Btw isnt it “Ask for help” subforum?

New clothings and new foods that gives food buff, I’m pretty sure I’m in the correct subforum. I’m not asking for help, I’m just asking a question > #site-feedback

These certain un-used items can find its way into the game, if we take a look at classic pickaxe for example. These items mentioned in this topic however, were made before the launch of the game, certainly was made as a concept to test out the graphical style of the game in order to forward it further to mix into the game’s aesthetic, that way they could potentionally consider the artstyle finished.

It’s unknown when this update will happen since it was brought up several times, certainly farming suggestion by LMO Farming Update Suggestion
have several additions to the pre-existing concepts giving them more depth is a way to revive them for
the game’s progression side, is the right way to make a formal suggestion for them. Of course it’s still up to you to decide whenever it benefits you or for the community in general to let people hear of it.


That reminds in about 3-4 years old pw video when Jake showed the “New” WOTW thing
There was world called TAGTEST soo i guess clan tags existed about 2 years before they came into the game