Questions about WOTW

I came back to the game some time ago and I am currently working on a map. I have high hopes for it and I am trying hard to make it worthy enough to become WOTW.

I have some questions related to WOTW:

  1. Do they still give out WOTW awards or is it dead?
  2. Where is the best place to share my WOTW entry?
  3. Do I need a story for my WOTW parkour? (im more focusing on making in visually nice)

Yes they are still doing wotws but a little less it seems like.
I don’t think the world needs a story as long as it’s cool/interesting and has good parkour elements.

Best places to share atleast in my oppinion are instagram with the hastag #pwwotw and pw’s official discord server.

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World of the week :no_entry_sign:
World of the month :heavy_check_mark:

True I swear the last Wotw was in march

It actually took 4 weeks to choose a new one :smiling_face_with_tear:,but can’t complain since this gives me time to win the wotw 3rd time inna row

Damn I have never won once

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Congrats on winning Wotw again

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