Questions about:

1.) What is a good editing app for pc (free)
2.) How long should the short movie be for the contest?

Filmora is a pretty good editing software.
My guess is that it is about 3 minutes minimum, I’m unsure about it though


Davince resolve is the best alternative to premiere pro, but it requires high computer performance.


Probably not Filmora free version, because there’s a huge watermark if you use free version.

I’d recommend Davinci Resolve because it’s free, there’s no watermarks on video afterwards.
plus you can download some cool transitions and effects you like, you can get them also for free.

Or use premiere pro, i don’t know about this because i haven’t used this.

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ok reviving this, what is a good screen recorder with:
no watermark
video aint laggy

Clipchamp. Its also a video editor software

Ok the best Davinci resolve. Don’t use filmora it have huge watermark.
However use it if u can’t edit at all. But I don’t recommend it.
Davinci resolve is harder for beginners but what can’t Indian guy on YT fix

OBS 100%.
Easy, Quick