Quitting pw and forums forever

I think its no longer worth being a member because I got banned from a glitch and they dont care. I quess its the end now. Byebye and see you maybe 10 years later!

What glitch? If I may ask.

Go see my other post if u want an clear look at it

I am assuming that Pixel Worlds Anti Cheat detected something you where doing… now. I am not saying you where hacking, but I feel like most PW players fish. And it’s the first i’ve heard about this “glitch”. But on the chance you where hacking. I think it’s best from you to learn from it, and move on. Whether moving on means quitting PW or just making a new account. That is up to you.

But for now
It will be my last goodbye if they dont respond with the reason.
Goodbye pixel worlds. You were amazing but then you banned me for no reason, ingnored me and never replied. I think its safe to say bye bye PW!
Edit : i know they dont respond to everything but why not maybe fix this glitch and unban me? Welp thats all i got to say to you guys. Keep it up and be good.