r/AskPW: Who inspired you the most on PW?

For me, I’d have to say @Bluvox and EndlesS. I mean before EndlesS forgor :skull: about my existence lol

Tyler gave me NEO and inspired me to build the world
There are others but my brain workn’t


Nobody really. The closest for me is Jake :confused:

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Probably @Sieggy his art is pretty cool.

@Blackwight <—— this nub inspired me to learn pixel arts too, but yea, it’s hard for me and I gave up at last too, still he once inspired me

Note: not saying this because his a mods, he wasn’t mods few years back then and that’s the time he do inspired me to do pixel arts. (Especially the turtle arts) We were already friends like 4 years ago but later I quitted for 3 years
and we haven’t been talking for years. Still surprise to see im still friends hehe

Pls no ban me becuz mi say u nub

Why do you think endless forgot about you lol

Back in my super early days in PW, I spent a lot of time on the forums, and while it may seem like kind of a cliché answer, I gotta say the people who inspired me the most were EndlesS, Jake, and Zak.

Zak taught me first that developers of a game you love are real people just like us. They have lives, things they like, things they don’t like, friends and family. They’re not just some idol to blindly worship, something I never knew back in my Growtopia days when I used to praise mods there like gods among men.

EndlesS inspired me early on when I started my hobby of pixel art, giving advice and genuine input as a fellow artist. This eventually evolved into me getting better and better at art, and even getting into different mediums of digital art, which I still improve upon to this day.

Jake helped inspire me to keep telling stories. Way back in the old forums, I was a big fan of fanfiction writing, and wrote a story so huge, it got the attention of the developers, and even so much as got it’s own animated video done by Jake, which all these years later, I’m still extremely thankful for. This really made me realize that, it’s not impossible for the people you look up to, to enjoy the works you’ve done. It’s not about quality, it’s not about how “amazing” you are, it’s about your passion and commitment to your craft.

This game, over the years, has honestly changed me for the better. I’ve met some of my best friends in my life from this game, many of whom I still speak to. I’ve learned who I am as a person and who I want to keep working towards. I learned that, video games are more than just some code and graphics slapped together, it’s a means to change lives, a way to inspire, motivate, and create.
I hope the developers understand just how much their game has made an impact on my life, even if I’m some random person they’ve never personally met, I could thank them from the bottom of my heart for creating this game and starting this community.


Zak / Daniel Medeiros

Thank you for your kind words.

Glad to hear your thoughts about the game and the developers.
Hearing stories how our years of effort have affected our community members (in positive way) is always heart-warming.

What Zak said about idols is something I wish more people would realize.


I haven’t really been inspired by anyone. Sure, I’ve seen amazing work from people like Editson, but it hasn’t motivated me to create something.

Alright, I thought of it more, I would say Endless (sort of) since he is the head designer of pw (I think) he designed the game. I say this cuz in my pw comics, I re design some characters in a way endless wouldve done it :slight_smile:

No…I am not the head designer of PW.
Only from the graphic design part and even in that we share things with Apoov.


Ah ok ok thanks good to know

yeah isn’t it apoov and endless for graphic designing and ck for designing.