R.I.P Shogun

Title says it all, Shogun is now being replaced by Bunnyrai which actually has better stats than Shogun set. Literally making the old Shogun useless xd. I am suffering from it, I bought Shogun parts some days ago before update and now Shogun is literally worthless in my eyes as having less armour stats than Bunnyrai xd.

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Well, imo the shogun set still looks better (of course opinionated though). The defense for me isn’t all that important in the end

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Yes, also the shogun set parts are useful for sets

Power Creep in games like this is inevitable. Why should Shogun Items be what defines the limit of armor items can have?
I get that the Bunnyrai Items are a lot more affordable than some of the Shogun Items were, which I do agree is something the developers should’ve thought about beforehand, but changing it now would invoke the anger of all the people that instead of Shogun now bought Bunnyrai.

Also, please realize that purely the stats of an item do not dictate it’s worth, nor does it’s rarity or design. Instead it’s a combination of all aspects that defines an items value.
Shogun items are still rare and, at least in my eyes, certainly good looking, so calling them worthless is simply untrue.

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Idc much about looks, that’s why I said in my eyes it’s worthless. Also Samurai looks really similar so you could use that instead of Shogun looks.

No the shogun set is a signature of looking superior