Raid mini-event idea

Just a note that this might be too much for the game but I just want to express my idea.

So once a month for a week, certain worlds will have the chance of 5-10 computer Ai “raiders” to spawn (the computer AI that controls the monsters too) and they are pretty tough. Once there is a notification that says they are coming, the whole world will make it as if it is a battle lock (only the people can hit the raiders not each other). If a raider kills you, you will come back, only you can not fight them anymore. If people manage to kill the raiders within the time period ( 1 minute) they get the chance to obtain items that were used by the raiders. Also on specific months, the raiders can change their appearance. Like for example it is December, they can wear christmas outfits.

Edit: The worlds they can spawn in will change all the time.

I might make a pixel art showcasing the designs of the raiders too.

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This is an interesting idea honestly. Give it more thought, and you might be surprised if this hits top 10 of the features players want to be made.

Consider the positive and negative (especially negative) in all aspects.

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Thanks for the reply. Also, yes, I am aware of the positive and negative in all aspects.

I disagree on “Certain worlds will have a chance to spawn” to me, waiting is boring, but the other things are nice. It’s still better to make a new dynamic world like AREA51 or something


I said certain worlds because raiders (in the old times back then) raid a variety of places, not just one place (in pixel worlds case, its worlds)

Oh yeah one thing, the worlds that they can spawn in will change from time to time.

??? Yes I said waiting is boring, either any world or just one it’s still boring, or am I understanding it wrong?

It is completely random most of the time, you either have to wait, or not wait at all

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It sounds like a pretty interesting idea! Perhaps, you could develop it a little more.
And it would be cool if these raid-mini events could be clan related.

Alright, thanks alot!

I would say it being “randomly picked active world with minimum XXX amount of players” would be better since most player will not be expecting it. There’s an element of surprise.

Why not a item like a gallahorn or smth that calls for one raid? that would be cool. Or a dynamic world and you build a castle to defend against raiders until you die or a target is taken. Dang! you could even add towers and make tower defence in PW.

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If it is just a dynamic world, it is just one world (im not talking about the servers). Raiders in the olden times raided many places so I want to keep that fact about them and make it into pixel worlds by random worlds being raided. As for that tower defence, im thinking of something with that, but, pretty good idea

That is pretty good, I actually was thinking of typing that but idk why I did not add that. I will finalize the idea as a reply here maybe including that.

Old ones army intensifies

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Yes i was thinking about dungeon defenders 2 when i was writing that

idea sounds pretty nice, reminds me king slime from terraria

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I’m talking about the DD2 Terraria update

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Its basically the same thing except DD2 is 3d lol

Ah yes that I remember playing that